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I am back!
7:58 p.m.

Hello there, peeps! Well, yes, I'm back, I guess. I'll try to be on as much as I could now, midterms are already finished and I am very sorry if I haven't greeted you all  happy new year! Two new years even had passed already and I haven't greeted my affies even on a single one.

It sucks, though. I hate to be a college student. I miss being on high school. I could cram without even thinking of failure or anything. Ugh, I just want to be a kid again, actually. that's all I want for the next Christmas. To be a kid again.

anyways, so much for my rantings about me coming back, I made a blog on tumblr featuring the Marauders! If you're a Potter Head you can fully understand what I will be saying for the next few paragraphs of this post.

I love their Era. I swear I do. The way James had pushed his bad self off just for Lily to accept him as a whole man. I love how their friendship never last, even if Peter had betrayed them, they still chose to not to kill him despite of everything he did. I love how Sirius never complained anything even after he did nothing and had been thrown to Azkaban. It's just epic. Everything is epic. I salute J.K Rowling for this.

Though, I would want you to create a book, just for them.

If someone ask me what era I want to live in, I would say the Marauders, even if Lord Voldemort is there. I don't care. I fully think that I'll have a great time seeing James, Sirius, Peter, and Remus all together, then the cat and dog fight of Lily and James. It would really be epic.

So, for those of you guys who is a Potter head just like me, and wants to request a graphic of a pair/ship, kindly message me here:


Here are some of the works I created already.

So, here, you have it. You can request there by the way. 
And, well, yes. requests are still open! 
Follow, please?

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11:24 p.m.

I don't know why I am even posting this, I should be getting my paper ready and everything before anything else. But, I just want you guys to know that I really, really, really need to rest, without any interference of anything below the sun. I have my three papers due soon, and I only finished one. I have my finals, on the upcoming 16, and I still haven't studied anything. God, please save me from everything, take me away. I was just kidding, just so you know. I still have to meet Taemin, Yuto, Minhwan, Jay and LOGAN LERMAN. Thank you.

I may or may not be updating myself, as you know...I'm busy, with my boys. I mean with the exams and everything going on so... MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!

Advance greeting~ *waves and sends some kisses. COOKIES ARE MINE, SORRY SANTA!*

My Lovely Dad
1:19 p.m.

Hey peeps!

Sorry, I haven't been updating you guys for sometime. LOL, I feel like a star. FEELER.

Anyways, so, my mom bought my dad an iPod and he was asking me to put some songs in it, i didn't mind, since I was kind of addicted to classic songs now-a-days because it's relaxing and I need to relax for a bit since college is really stressful. So, yeah, he was asking me to put some songs in it, right? I asked him what he likes and he told me to put Pitbul in it. My mom and I were like, 'huh? pitbul, that's a dog, right, pup?' then he was like, 'No! Pitbul, the one who raps in Ne-Yo's give me everything.' and my mom and I were like O___O

My dad is updated, just so you know, that's why I love him. He's the best dad a daughter could ever have. We always go out, to eat and he is always cool on whether I eat ice cream or such unhealthy foods. In return, I wouldn't tell mom if he haven't took his medicines and greens yet. Well, yeah. That's my awesome dad.

I'm his princess, and that won't ever change. I wouldn't want it to change either.

And because my mom saw my eyebags and such, she decided to take us all out on a trip in a resort to take all out stress out. It's nice, because we don't have school tomorrow and yeah, I need it. We all need it.

I'm reallyyyy excited~

So, goodbye for now! Take care, guys! and girls!

8:08 p.m.

TOO MUCH ASSIGNMENTS...SO LITTLE TIME...DAMN YOU PROFESSORS! just kidding! you might see my posts, kekeke.

I hate my professors so far. They're so demanding. Like who the ^*&^ are they? but, no. Seriously. I hate them. though sometimes I don't. Mostly, I do though. See? I'm not even making sense anymore. I'm really upset and stressed at the same time. We are currently in need of those stress relievers to take the stress away.


hihihi. So... *sighs* I really am in need of them right now, if only I could kidnap them, I will. So, don't blame me if you can't find them in StarKing or anywhere else that they at okay? Because they're with me. With... TOOOTOOOT. You might sue me, so I won't dare tell my name. hehehe :p

Bye~ I'm gonna kidnap them now~ *waves*

10:34 p.m.


I don't really know if someone even bothers to see and read the things that I post here, but anyways, I don't really care, uhm... well, just a little. hehe, I just want to know if I even make sense or something like that. I just want to hit it off as 'the coolest blogger ever', keke, no, I swear, this isn't a joke.

Anyways, I've been pretty bored these days and I want to join a challenge by one of my affies, so yeah, I will. Don't know when though, since I still couldn't find the pictures that I want.

And, I've been going to the gym in a while and someone told me that I look like a high school girl. Seriously? I do? pfft. I'm in second year of my college life people! though, I'm not really offended. In fact, I'm happy, I don't look old. kekeke.

bye~ *waves*